[Top Seller] How To Create A Profitable Viral Site In Under 30 Minutes? Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast – Instantly Live Income Streams And Handsfree, Targeted 100% Viral Traffic – Viral Loop 2.0 Review WP Theme Viral By Cindy Donovan

Viral loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan will not just appear miraculously in nature without having a source; of course someone must have used his skills, knowledge, and abilities to come up with this wonderful and useful theme tool that will help millions of digital marketers worldwide. We are living in the digital ages in which online marketing has become a potential land for all people. A lot of strategies have been carried out to promote marketing campaigns, and viral loop is one of those multiple methods. This marketing concept can be presented by a circle which includes major elements, or steps that describe the ways to make a particular product closer to the customers. Like the spread of viruses, viral loop is the channel that helps online marketers transfer all information about a typical product to its customers continuously to other customers, without their paying much amount of money for marketing expenses. It seems that viral loop can make tremendous impacts on certain groups of people. Many marketers have started to think of this method seriously to save as much money for other marketing plans as possible. The supply for Viral Loop software is not increasing much with just a few products.

Viral Loop 2.0 Viral Marketing by Cindy Donovan is the all in one WordPress Style that allows your users to generate custom profiles, helps you to encourage interaction with your subscribers / visitors to your website, easily generate content and share with their social sectors for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation. ViralLoop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan is the Most powerful, feature packed, viral marketing WordPress theme ever released. Press play to see why your guests will be rushing to become members, create content and share with their friends, producing even more visitors and members in this unstoppable viral loop of awesomeness! Viral Loop can help you generate your own viral and money-making posts in just 60 seconds! All this can only be done with the amazing simple post creator. Writing a post has never been that simple, fun and exciting!. The product will turn all your regular members who visit your websites into interactive ones. Also, when they get access to Viral Loop, they will be your potential content creators who can make significant changes to their profiles and create fresh content. In addition, they will able to share the content that they have built up with different social circles to generate unstoppable viral traffic. Besides, what makes Viral Loop distinctive from other viral products is its creator, Cindy Battye. This person has shown herself as a talented programmer and an ambitious woman who decided to quit her study to focus on a recently built business. Her software, which is TextDeliver and LevelX, has resulted in the support from hundreds of people.

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How To Create A Profitable Viral Site In Under 30 Minutes? Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast – Instantly Live Income Streams And Handsfree, Targeted 100% Viral Traffic – Viral Loop 2.0 Review Wp Theme By Cindy Donovan

Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan

Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan

What is the secret Sauce Then?

Just like a Man. The way to google’s heart is through his stomach, Google’s insatiable hunger for top quality, targeted, unique content is no secret. Content is still king but google’s had it’s fill of simple words! To grab Google’s attention NOW, you need viral content. Content people want to share, talk about, discuss and contribute to and then share again. But how does a regular Amazon store, or even an affiliate review website do this? Well? It doesn’t. Until now, ‘viral’ on an Amazon or review website has meant, “Whack some social sharing buttons on your posts and hope for the best” But be real, nobody is going to share your advert for saucepans. Why would they? What they WILL share, is their aunt’s recipe for Goulash – or a Rachel Ray image or video using a saucepan in an outrageous cooking experiment Now THAT becomes something worth sharing! By combining viral posts, inspired and written by a community of people passionate about your websites topics together with targeted ways to make money – your website becomes unstoppable. But I hear the million dollar question buzzing in your mind. What’s in it for these people? Why are people going to sign up at my website? And why would they write posts or share videos and images for me. All good questions.

And the secret lies in our behind the scenes, Viral Loop software by Cindy Donovan that goes to work for you the moment your site goes live. When a visitor arrives on your Viral Loop website the first thing they’ll notice (besides your perfectly placed adverts) is a big customisable call to action letting them know that this is a site they can join, with some very enticing reasons to do so. Viral Loop Turns Visitors Into Content Creating & Money Spending Customers. Each new member that joins is automatically given their own profile page, complete with profile picture, links to their own social networks, their website and a place to put their own bio. Below their bio, they’ll see their posts, so the more active they are – the more their profile page, website links and their own social network links are shown on your website – and the more they will be inclined to share good quality posts – and lots of them! And the more often they post, and share, and contribute new suggestions for discussion the bigger your site continues to grow, completely organically and 100% virally.

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How To Create A Profitable Viral Site In Under 30 Minutes? Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast – Instantly Live Income Streams And Handsfree, Targeted 100% Viral Traffic – Viral Loop 2.0 Review Wp Theme By Cindy Donovan

Viral Loop 2.0 WP Theme Viral by Cindy Donovan

Viral Loop 2.0 WP Theme Viral by Cindy Donovan

Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan Key Features

1. Viral Loop review- Easy configuration

With a full step-by- step wizard tutorials and guidance, Viral Loop will help you take every step of the way to help with your set up your own WordPress themes.

2. Viral Loop review- Flexible themes

You will have the ability to customize the themes, from layout and color to their font styles. With Viral Loop, things can be edited smoothly from your admin panels. You can also change the appearances of those themes by clicking to select and choose from one of the already-made themes in the library.

3. Viral Loop review- Advertise multiple banners

Viral Loop allows you to upload different banners on its pre-tested locations, which is worth relying on to maximize your CTR, as well as giving you more money to your pockets.

4. Viral Loop review- Enable/disable membership signups

Since visitors can sign up to become members, it is possible for them to create or share their own ‘lists’. But the power is in your hands as you will get more control over the increasing number of members, as well as membership base and data for each of them in your websites.

5. Viral Loop review- Lead capture/AR integration

You can build up a connection from auto-responders to every email from each of the customers when they make new accounts. It is a great way to get their data which help you follow up with your customers and further monetize your websites.

6. Viral Loop review- Custom profiles

Profiles are your customers’ personal images. So when they have successfully made new accounts, they will receive their profile pages which display their collections and personal information. This way can also encourage your customers to share their performances via social networks, so that you will easily get more viral and hands-free traffic for your websites.

7. Viral Loop review- Display messages

Message is a channel which can create an interactive environment for you and your customers. You will get additional numbers of new visitors to your web pages.

8. Viral Loop review- Social Sharing

Your customers will click only one time to enable social buttons on any viral content, which consists of the whole lists and also each item of them.

9. Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast

10. No List Or Internet Experience Needed

11. Used & Trusted By 2,000+ Members

Look at to these case study: See the Success Story

screencapture-stridedge-in-demo123-inspirationalminds-author-bailey-1477031688257-1 viralloop-casestudiesdean-1 viralloop-casestudies-mike-1 viralloop-casestudies-stacey

How Will Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan Make You Money?

You know how awesome the Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan theme is but what about the funnel product? Below is a breakdown of the Entire funnel, so you can see what your customer will be seeing and your share. Look at Viral Loop 2.0 up-sell.

Viral Kickstart: $37 or $19. 97 Per Month
A bundle of five completely done for you viral websites. The consumer simply needs to publish a file to their Wp blog and their site is instantlyfull of content create by mutiple user accounts & in many formats

Viral Cash Equipment: $67
As every new visitor who becomes a member gets automatically extra to your autoresponder, we have created an awesome package of copy and paste autoresponder messages in five different niches Each of the sequences comes with a high quality giveway report (they have the source file, to add in their own affiliate ID’s) and then a relationship building, affiliate product selling email series They are built using the same niches in the viral kickstart program – so it’s the perfect tie in – or, great standalone if they choose not to buy the first OTO

Viral Survey: $97
This is an axtra addition to the theme that allows you to kick the viral nature of your website upward a notch further! We have some prebuilt/preprogrammed study ready to have your users interacting fast right out of the box. it’s a badass product and could quite easily be sold as a product on it’s own

It’s extremely customizeable, connects with multiple social platforms and will keep members involved and actively sharing Personally, I think this unique product is well suited for the price $37. No doubt about its marvelous ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

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How To Create A Profitable Viral Site In Under 30 Minutes? Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast – Instantly Live Income Streams And Handsfree, Targeted 100% Viral Traffic – Viral Loop 2.0 Review Wp Theme By Cindy Donovan

When You buy Today, You Also Get these 3 Incridible Bonuses To Say Thanks you & Congratulation On Being an Action Taker!

bonus-1 bonus-2 bonus-3

What They Said About Viral Loop 2.0 by Cindy Donovan?

“Creating engaging content is one thing, but creating VIRAL content is what counts. I was really impressed with how quick and easy it was to get a fantastic looking site created and filled with viral content.” Andrew Darius

“Great job integrating viral video posts into the viral post creator tool, this makes creating unique curated content a breeze not just for the admin of the site, but for the people who visit too!” Todd Gross

“Oh my god this is awesome! I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into and when I realized it was a WordPress theme I honestly thought oh great, another WordPress theme; then I installed it and started playing with it. The possibilities for this are endless. Really, Impressed.” Kate Bourland

“I’ve only spent a few minutes setting it up and I’m already seeing extreme spikes in both traffic and sales! This amazing software will be an integral part of my marketing for years to come! I almost hope that not a lot of people read this page. I would hate it if my competition got their hands on this. But since you are here reading this… I highly recommend that you grab your copy today – you will not regret it!” Soren Jordansen

“It took me 15 mins to set it up and then everything was ready to go on complete autopilot. Viral Loop is just as described, and truly is an all in one easy to install WordPress Theme. An amazing resource for anyone wanting to crush it with a profitable viral website any niche” Paul O’Keefe

Viral Loop 2.0 Upgrade Product by Cindy Donovan floods your website with the perfect balance between targeted cash generating Amazon product listings and unique viral content that will have Google drooling and chasing after you like an excited puppy. We all know the importance of social media. But finding the balance between engagement and creating the right content can be tough. With Viral Loop 2.0 Upgrade Pro by Cindy Donovan you can do both, create amazing communities that generate the right content and then share it with their friends sending HEAPS of traffic to your site. It’s niche lead generation powerfully combined with the benefits of word of mouth marketing. I love viral traffic and as soon as I saw this I was hooked. It’s an awesome must-have set up for anyone who wants to tap in to viral traffic and feed that traffic in to a targeted niche and convert in to profit. All-in-all a very cool product you need to grab and play with yourself to see just how powerful it can be. It’s Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast, No List Or Internet Experience Needed and Used & Trusted By 2,000+ Members. You can Get and Try Viral Loop 2.0 Upgrade Product by Cindy Donovan, 30 days Risk-Free and your satisfaction is guarantee. When you’ve purchase it and you do not satisfaction with this product you can refund, no question asked. So what are you waiting for? Get Viral Loop 2.0 Upgrade Product by Cindy Donovan now…


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How To Create A Profitable Viral Site In Under 30 Minutes? Newbie Friendly & Profit Ready Fast – Instantly Live Income Streams And Handsfree, Targeted 100% Viral Traffic – Viral Loop 2.0 Review Wp Theme By Cindy Donovan

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