Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya Banerjee Review – Exclusive Training The Secret Ninja Strategy To Earn The Money From Blogging Business Very Suitable For Newbie Or Mommy That Have Limit Time To Make Money

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya is a brand new video training program released by Shreya Banerjee. The front end offer is a training course that claims to show you step by step how to setup your own blog and start making a profit with only taking you two hours of investment every month. With the purchase of this offer Shreya will teach you many things that are essential to setting up your first blog. Which platform and plugins you need to be successful, creating content that your readers will enjoy, how to drive traffic to your new blog and ultimately how to turn those visitors into dollars. There are two one time offers that are presented to you as you purchase through the sales funnel. The first upgrade offer is more video training which compliments the front end offer very well. In this training Shreya discusses Vlogging or Video Blogging. The course outline how video can help your blog and she walks you through different video creation strategies you can use to add more engaging content to your blog. The second upgrade offer is a complete done for you install service where Shreya will install a new blog on your site complete with all the plugins and extras you need. This also includes some private label rights content that you can use in different ways to help create content. I have had a chance to access Affiliate Blogging Ninja and look inside the members area. The members area is well organized and laid out so that you can follow the training in a sequential manner. Once you are in the members area you can access all the training from the “Blog Ninja” tab.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya Banerjee is completed training step by step from zero to hero. This is the main training available through the front end offer. There are 6 modules containing 27 videos in total for you to go through. The videos are recorded in bite size chunks so they are easy to follow. There are download options for each video if you want to download and watch on the go. Shreya has included a lot of resources on each page that you can reference. Module one is geared towards new bloggers that have never set up a blog before. The set up videos are very in depth and will walk new users through selecting a domain name, to installing plugins and even showing users how to add an optin form to your new blog. I wish Shreya could have shown other options for autoresponders other than Aweber as I do not use Aweber. Module two and three are fairly short and will explain different types of post you can use and explains in detail how to pick the right products for you to promote in your blog posts. Module four was an eye opener for me. As much as I knew WordPress had the ability to schedule posts for a later date I had never used the feature. Shreya gave me some great tip and ideas on how to create my content and get it ready for a period and not have to worry about it as it was already scheduled to release. Definitely my AH-HA moment. Module five and six are the advanced modules showing you how to get traffic to your blog using social media and youtube. And the last phase is monetization. In my opinion the training program is laid out in a nice and easy to follow format. The videos are short and effective to get you through the training quickly so you can get working on your own blog. I have contemplated over the years about my blog and the lack of use I capitalized from it. After reviewing, Affiliate Blogging Ninja has helped me realize what a resource a blog can be and I have started to commit time and energy back to my blog. If you are new to blogging or need help refreshing your ideas of blogging I recommend you take a look at investing in Affiliate Blogging Ninja. (trevor Mc)

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Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya Banerjee Review – Exclusive Training The Secret Ninja Strategy To Earn The Money From Blogging Business Very Suitable For Newbie Or Mommy That Have Limit Time To Make Money 

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya Banerjee Review and Download

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Shreya Banerjee Review and Download

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review – Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The Members Area

-Which blogging platform should you use
-How to get the right domain name
-How to install your blog
-How to add advanced features to your blog
-Which plugins to use and how to install them
-How to create content that people will want to read
-How to generate catchy headlines
-How to drive traffic to your blog
-How to monetize your blog
-How to smartly add affiliate links to your blog posts
-What other important pages you should have on your blog
-The best tools for bloggers and web masters you should not be without
-How to integrate your autoresponder to your blog to start building a list
-How to ensure a steady and consistent stream of new posts with only 2 hours of work a month

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Modules

  • Module 1 – Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging
  • Module 2 – Writing Good Blog Posts
  • Module 3 – Pick The Right Products To Promote
  • Module 4 – Sustaining Your Blog
  • Module 5 – Traffic Sources
  • Module 6 – Monetize Your Blog

 Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review – Demo Video

Product Funnel

The whole program is geared to allow you to get guaranteed results! The front end price reflects quality and jam packed content to allow internet marketers of any level to learn and profit from our training. Affiliate Blogging Ninja funnel starts with the initial sale and launch price of $9.97 rising to $19.99 after launch. The sale funnel includes advanced training and a done for you package:

Front End : Affiliate Blogging Ninja
Upsell #1 : Advanced Vlogging Ninja Upgrade Plus PLR Package
Vlog Ninja Will Show You How To Increase Your Profits By 4X
Hear are just a few things you will learn inside the members area:
-How to use the content you already have to increase your profit 4X
-How to create videos in under 15 mins
-How to effectively use your videos across multiple platforms
-All the resources She use to create her videos
-Inside the members area, She show you how to create different types of videos so you can choose the style that fits you.
-It doesn’t matter if you are camera shy or don’t know a thing about making videos. She will show you a way that best suits your video style.
-You know the best part? All of these videos are easy to make not mention super fast. Sure there are ways to make videos but She don’t have time to use fancy equipment to create her videos.
-She will show you how you can create high quality videos using equipment you already have. And She teach you how She create videos in under 15 mins.
-And Huge Bonuses

Downsell : Affiliate Blogging Ninja – PLR Bundle
Upsell #2 : Affiliate Blogging Ninja – Done For You Package Blog
It’s Called A Done For You Service. If you don’t have the time to put in to set up your blog, then let us do it for you. We will take care of all the setup for you so that you can start blogging faster and doing what you enjoy. My team goes in and sets up everything for you in Ninja speed. You just have to give us your hosting and other account details and we will go in and sprinkle some fairy dust to setup your blog.
-We install WordPress
-We setup a professional theme on your blog
-We upload your graphics
-We setup your pages
-We install all the plugins
-We integrate your autoresponder
-We set up your list in autoresponder
-We take care of everything!
-Get Huge Bonuses

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Bonus

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Bonus

Shreya, great training, thank you! You show us in real time what you do and how we can copy that and create a viable online business. You don’t offer a polished product that makes the viewer feel inadequate for not creating things perfectly first time. You let us see how you have explored and refined your techniques, allowing us to see you learning from the things that can challenge us too. I love the way you help the student to see how they can repurpose their content for different mediums so we can all maximize our content and place our offers before many more buyers. The upsell of the Vlog training is invaluable to anyone wanting to use simple tools to create meaningful videos, and much of what you show is either free or very low cost so their is no great financial outlay to follow your methods and get amazing results! The tools used are also available on android so you don’t even need a high tech computer to use them! Your ‘quick and dirty’ videos are easy to follow and results can be seen immediately. There is even a great bundle of PLR included in the members area and a ‘done for you blog’ option so no need to start from scratch! Thanks so much for this great training! -Mandy Allen,

I learned so much from the Affiliate Blogging Ninja. I’ve tried to create a few profitable blogs in the past, but I had no idea what I was doing. With this product, Shreya walks you through the entire process every step of the way. Her training videos are extremely easy to follow and full of useful little nuggets of information. I had no idea how many things I was doing wrong with my old blogs, but now I’m making changes that I know will bring the commissions rolling in! This is definitely a great resource, and I highly recommend it! -Angela Yurtin Meadows

Affiliate Blogging Ninja by Shreya is an exclusive training for you who have no much time to get income. This is very suit for mommy like shreya, or newbie who want to start build income machines. Actually even in busy time and activities every one can do that. Shreya is the proof. But sometimes we found more reason that can blame the mind to think and get action. Affiliate Blogging Ninja is created to prove make money online is need the knowledge, how can you get it, find inside this blogging ninja. It’s a very good product and Top seller today. Not only are you getting access to Affiliate Blogging Ninja for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Affiliate Blogging Ninja include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Affiliate Blogging Ninja, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So What Are You Waiting for? Get Affiliate Blogging Ninja Now…

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Product Funnel
Front End : Affiliate Blogging Ninja
Upsell #1 : Advanced Vlogging Ninja Upgrade Plus PLR Package 
Downsell : Affiliate Blogging Ninja – PLR Bundle
Upsell #2 : Affiliate Blogging Ninja – Done For You Package Blog 

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