Get Pixo Blaster Pro Software By Han Fan – Brand New Video Spokesperson With More Than 40+ Local Niches Using For Your Video Marketing Strategy

Hello my friend, how are you? Are you looking for Pixo Blaster Review or wanna know more about it? Here I will share you my review about this amazing software that can change your view of point about video marketing strategy.

Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan is a video creator software that allows you to add intro and outro videos with spokespersons to your video and on this way can transform any old or new video into a lead generating machine. If you are doing video marketing you know there are a ton of video types from doodle videos to simple slideshow or whiteboard videos, etc. And all convert well, but there is one special type of video that converts better than the rest, videos with real human spokespersons. The problem is, maybe you hate being on camera, and hiring a spokesperson is very expensive.

But the good news is that now with Pixo Blaster software by Han Fan this problem is resolved. Because you can create professional looking videos with real spokespersons now in minutes. With Pixo Blaster software, you now can have an easier and cheaper way to get pro real human spokesperson for your video. You can create a video with just a few steps: insert an image of office or surgery as a background image behind the spokesperson, then add a lower third to show specific business name and phone number, and finally, add close the deal with a proven to convert spokesperson videos.

Pixo Blaster Pro Software transforms basic videos into marketing tools. It allows you to create an intro that will captivate viewers, add personal or outside video content, and utilize call-to-action strategies with ending outro sequences. This feature can transform simple slideshow videos into more effective marketing tools.

Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan offers more than 200 professional marketing intro and outros, which have been proven to increase conversion rates for many businesses. Additionally, the software also provides you with more than 20 professional spokespersons. The creators of Pixo Blaster worked closely with top spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit a business’ need and specific niche.

Pixo Blaster Software by Han Fan has intros and outros that are suited for more than 40 different niches. Some of the niches include Amazon, CPA software, fitness, video and email marketing, ad and website conversion, SEO tools, review videos, real estate, medical, financial, dog training, local business, and more. The software also breaks it down by sub-categories, making it even easier for a business to find what they need. You can upload a video that you want to use, search the database until you find a video that you like, and then right click to set it as the intro or outro. Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software lets you customize your video with pre-loaded backgrounds—including animated videos—or download custom images from your desktops.

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Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Review
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Review

Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Features

  • 15+ Professional Spokespersons – We worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit your needs & niche and will boost your video marketing results like you have never seen before.
  • 100+ Intro & Outro Spokesperson Videos – Pick from a vast collection of Professional intros & outros that are PROVEN to increase retention rate, Captivate Your Audience , and 10x your conversions
  • Let me show you some of the niches available in Pixo Blaster: Affiliate, Amazon, CPA Software, Fitness, Video
  • Marketing, Ads conversion, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Make Money Online, Review Videos, Offline, Real Estate, Doctor, Wood Working, Dog Training, Financial
  • Features over 40+ Niches – We worked hard and blasted a ton of surveys in order to make sure that we have the best intro/outros for the most profitable niches!
  • Easy To Use Interface – Not Tech Savvy ? No Problem – Just follow the easy step by step Process and your video is done.
  • Auto download videos from YouTube
  • Add lower thirds to your videos.
  • Pixo Blaster is a windows software, so you can control everything you’re adding inside it right from your dekstop…
  • Remove the green screen from the videos.
  • Auto add watermarks to your videos.
  • Change the green screen with animated backgrounds.

Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software by Han Fan More Features

-Having professional actors introducing all of your videos.
-Works on Microsoft Windows platform in order to have good streaming quality.
-PixoBlaster remove the green screen and replace it with a video background or an image background.
-Creates text watermarks directly and use PNG images as watermarks.
-Has a live preview editor integrated.
-Here you can sell final video productions and you can keep the entire profit.
-Send FAQ’s, additional info, customer support links or other content to increase

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Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster pro Software by Han Fan Download

Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Works With 3 simple steps

1. Captivate Attention – Add an INTRO video that will captivate your viewers.
2. Engage – Add yours or someone else’s video content.
3. Convert – Close the deal with a proven to CONVERT outro video.

Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Advantage

-Make your videos work – Turn any Video into automated email lead generation machines, – Guaranteed To Get You Bigger Conversions, More Leads and Sales (you’ve never seen this before)
-Get Targeted TRAFFIC – Get thousands of Perfectly Targeted Traffic To Your Offers, In Record Time
-Make More Sales – Convert Up To 50%+ Of Our Visitors Into Buyers, With No Time, Tools or Extra Work From Your Side.
-Save Time and Money – Stop shelling out cash on graphics designers, copywriters, video creation tools … STOP paying entirely!
-Increase Customer Retention – Captivate your viewers and get higher retention rate.
-Increase Engagement – Get your viewers to interact with you and get

Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software by Han Fan Niches

– Social media
– Amazon
– Accounting
– Real estate
– Cleaning
– Freelancer
– Facebook
– Local bands
– Email marketing
– Affiliate marketing
– Ecommerce
– Video marketing
– Beauty
– Audio video
– Appliances
– Lawyer
– Internet marketing
– Fitness
– Local business
– Online marketing
– Weightloss
– Legal
– Artists
– Computers
– Twitter
– CPA Marketing
– Piano lessons
– Solar panels
– Electricians
– Painter
– Plumber
– Furniture
– YouTube
– Facebook
– Car repair

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Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download
Pixo Blaster Pro Software by Han Fan Download

Product Funnel

There are 3 OTO Product of Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software by Han Fan

Front End : Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software
-Pixo Blaster will drastically increase my videos conversion
-You will get instant lifetime access to Pixo Blaster
-You will pay once, and use it for life!
-You will get access to over 100+ INTRO and OUTRO Spokesperson videos
-You will get intros and outros that fit over 40 niches!
-You will get access to your PRIVATE intros and outros that you use for your own videos and for your clients videos
-You understand that You will not have to pay the normal $67 PRICE

OTO #1 : Pixo Membership Upgrade
Keep Your Pixo Blaster Collection Fresh With New Templates In Every Month. The templates that come with Pixo Blaster (plus the 50 additional intros/outros you’ll receive on this page) will help your videos convert like crazy! The 2 new actors that are instantly available in the VIP Template Club won’t be seen anywhere else. They created the VIP Club just so you can maximize the potential of Pixo Blaster! You will be able to request headlines, and the most voted one will be added in your Pixo Blaster software. As I said, you will get access to the template club archive that already includes over 50 intros and outros from 2 new ACTORS!
-Get 2 Completely New Actors
-Instantly get 50 new intros/outros
-Request New Intros And Outros each month
-Dedicated Copywriters and Spokespersons
-Only Available To VIP Club

During This Special Launch You Will Get What Nobody Else Gets..
-We are waiving your 297$ joining fee that we usually ask for.
-We are giving you 2 new actors and 50 new templates instantly after purchase
-Get 20 new intros in each month, that’s 120 custom intros and outros in the next 6 months!

-So are you ready to become a vip template club member!?
-Do you want to receive more than 20 new PREMIUM templates each month?
-Do you want the ability to request new video intros and outros?
Keep in mind that it would cost you more than this whole offering to create a single

OTO #2 : Pixo Local Biz Package Upgrade
We Prepared For You Additional 60 New Spokesperson Videos Specially Created For The Most Popular Local Businesses! Local Clients need your help… Usually a lot of local clients have old and boring videos. And YOU can help them. You can make their videos look a lot more professional and convert 10 times better using Pixo Blaster! Just think about this…. on average, a US plumber asks a client around $400. Don’t you think he would give you 300-400 dollars, when you’ll show him a customized video for his business! A video that will get him hundreds of new clients in the years to come.. I’m telling you this will be the easiest sale that you’ll ever make! And you can create that customized video for him in less than 5 minutes. Because you have the right software for that: Pixo Blaster

-You will get 20 videos of me dressed like a doctor.
Dentist, Audiologist, Allergist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Neurologist, Internal Medicine Specialist, Gynecologist, Urologist, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician.

-You will get 20 videos with Pete for plumbing, electrician, handyman, lawyer…
Private investigator, Electrician, Plumber, Locksmith, Car mechanic, Handyman, Appliance repair, Event manager, Beauty Salon, Weight loss, Veterinary services, Attorney.

-Over 20 videos from Joe for auto repair, veterinarian, locksmits..
Air duct services, Appliances, Carpet cleaning, Computer repair, Dry Cleaning,Electrician, Lanscape services, Lawn mowing services, Locksmith services, Car mechanic, Moving services, Painting services, Plumber, Pool services, Roofer, Solar panel, Trimming services, Window cleaning

OTO #3 : Video Marketing Blaster Software
A proven and automated way to Rank Your Videos on YouTube & Google..
After you create your perfect video using Pixo Blaster (or any other video creator) you will still have a lot of work to do. You will need to do a lot of research, to find the perfect keywords to target. And that’s not all… After that you will need to analyze the YouTube competition for those keywords. To see if it’s worth getting in to that niche, and if you have a chance to rank. That’s the idea right? Now if everything is set, and the competition is low, the keywords are good, you will need to write the title, description and tags for the video. And this is probably the most important part, because the video details need to be SEO optimized and have tons of related keywords. Sounds like a lot of work right?

Here is where Video Marketing Blaster Pro comes to help you! It will do all the time consuming steps from above with only a few clicks..
-Reverse Engineer YT so you can get on 1st page
-View popular searches in the past week for a specific country
-Get keywords suggestions using complex algorithm
-Return partial match/exact keyword
-Get views/subcribers suggestion required to rank 1st page
-Analyze related videos, first page and trending videos
-view rank and YouTube search results of keyword
-analyze competition from first page of YouTube
-Automatically save all data so you can later view/analyze it
-View competition partial match/exact match keywords
-View estimated views per day of competitors
-Generate SEO optimized video descriptions
-Export video details to mass video blaster Pro
-Save Report
-Track Your Video
-View current/previous Google rank
-View current views and previous views
-Check if a YT video in on Google based on keyword

“Once again… an AMAZING software that goes beyond just another video puzzle that is pieced together. More options of customizations and not another shiny object. This one was meant to be the end all when it comes to tailor making your videos or the specific details that your customers are truly looking for. I am Blown Away!!!” – John Ramos

Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software by Han Fan is amazing collection of Professional intros & outros that are proven to increase retention rate, captivate your audience, and 10x your conversions.  Pixo Blaster works on Microsoft Windows® platform. It runs on Windows Xp, Server, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). In order to have a good streaming quality we recommend at least an intel i3 CPU and 4GB of memory. If you want to run on Mac, you need to use Windows virtual machines like Parallels or Vmware. And the best thing that I love is You will receive over the air updates. Whenever we will release a new update, the software will automatically update to latest version. In this way you are always sure you are running the latest version of Pixo Blaster. And You have developer and agency rights. This means that you can sell your final video productions and keep the entire profit. There’s a full 30 day money back guarantee. Just take PixoBlaster for a spin and if you aren’t satisfied we’ll give your money back just drop a mail to the support desk. So what are you waiting for? Get Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software by Han Fan Right Now….

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Product Funnel
Front End : Pixo Blaster Video Spokesperson Software
OTO #1 : Pixo Membership Upgrade
OTO #2 : Pixo Local Biz Package Upgrade
OTO #3 : Video Marketing Blaster Software 

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